Richard enters.  The breeze is causing the drapes to billow
about from an open window.  Aged walls surround fringed
lampshades and old furnishings.  He goes to a dresser
cluttered with cheap perfume, jewelry boxes and porcelain
figurines.  Richard opens a drawer.

                        LEONARD (O.S)

              Rough day at the office?

Richard is momentarily taken back, but he doesn't turn.

                        LEONARD (Cont.)

              Why surprised, Richy-boy? 

Did you really think I

would've been gone?  

Richard begins to break down as fear builds inside him.

                        LEONARD (Cont.)

              You can't rid me.  And

              deep down you knew that.

Didn't you? ... Didn't



              Stop it!  I – We – We’re

              not going to let you push

us around!  And you're not

staying!  You hear me! 

You're done . . . Forever!

Leonard's eyes darken dangerously. 



fumbles through the drawer in search of something.  In
between pushing aside ladies panties, bras and slips, he
catches an image of himself at 9 years old in the mirror.
He is holding a large red ball.  Richard squeezes his eyes,
not believing the mirror.  He looks again.  His twin,
Leonard and at the same age, appears in the mirror followed
with an image of Leonard bullying Richard.  The images
suddenly end.  Richard studies the mirror in a panicky
effort to understand what he just saw.


voice cuts in. 



              So many years you believed

you were the one.  And to-

night it bit you right in

the ass, didn't it?

Richard resumes searching the drawer with intensity.


              Why did you have to hit her?!


              Face it, Richy-boy.  You

can't handle the illusion

she created.

Richard finds what he was searching for – a box.  He slams
it down on the dresser.  He looks to Leonard with mock



is staring hard at Richard.  Richard chokes back a cry. 


                        LEONARD (Cont.)

              Where's the cookie, Rich-


Richard follows Leonard's gaze back to the box.

                        LEONARD (Cont.)

Where's the cookie?!  


Richard crumbles against the dresser, sobbing.  A strong
breeze comes through the window.  The bedroom door slams