The first weekend of shooting was exceptional! Well, that is, after we got over the shock that we weren’t really locked out from the restaurant. Donna, with her energy, quickly designed the deck including the window in which covered up the only entrance to the restaurant! But later, when I took one last look at the deck before shooting, I was in awe to see how she transformed it from plain to an interesting patio. Magical.

On Sunday we got a nice photo of Devin “breaking” in. Ah, the things filmmakers do to make that perfect film.

The shooting schedule was changed to accommodate the pending rain. We reverted back to the original shooting schedule - shooting the last scene of the movie first. The rains held back on Saturday allowing us to have a different look for the ending. How lucky we were to have a unique look to the “new day”. And the shooting only got better - Sunday was beautiful and warm. Racing against time to film the “night” scene was intense. I know how hard everyone worked toward capturing “Darla waits for her date” scene, and I so appreciated everyone "forging" forward. All weekend, everyone moved in unison, fluidity, and in harmony with one another! I could not ask for a better group of filmmakers!

I had said more than once before that I'm working with a strong cast of actors. There is no doubt in my mind - I have the best performers. A great assemble of characters, and it's showing in the dailies!

Everyone please get plenty of rest and orange juice!!! Stay healthy.

Oh, and lunch will be provided by Jenny Benny this coming weekend. So, no one will go hungry!

Last note - Chuck/Darla - Please be prepared to shoot more riding in the park after we wrap up at Cugino's on Saturday. I would like to get more of her bicycling "home". I would like to film Darla way before the bridge. And I still think we can do an extreme close-up of her "dreaming". We'll discuss further. And I'm sure Robo Cop has this coming weekend off!

Love to all!

October 25 & 26