Once again, Mother Nature was on our side! Saturday's weather was beautiful. It was a shock, though, come Sunday - it was sunny, but nippy. Elisa mentioned wanting to wear ear muffs! Yet, the cold didn't slow us down. Every performance was outstanding, the energy was high, and again, we all moved with fluidity.

Thank you Jenny Benny for providing lunches for Saturday and Sunday, though the food was omitted in our travels to the set on Sunday. Aren’t we a vagabond group of filmmakers! A HUGE thanks to Rob for "rescuing" us from hunger on Sunday! Do we have a pattern here? And writing about patterns – what is it with the duct tape! Every time we set up, the duct tape seems to disappear and then magically re-appear. It now has it’s own box within a box.

We moved efficiently on Saturday, and after filming the scene “Darla and Will Dorr do a jig”, we were able to re-visit the park. In anticipation of having Robo Cop show up, everyone was comically scared! I loved it! Chuck was unsure of pulling out the camera; and yet, Donna was convinced that if Robo Cop showed, sitting in a circle and meditating would be a nice ruse! However, hearing the sound of a Harley, indeed, froze us thinking Robo Cop now has heavy artillery! But unlike Robo Cop, this one, fondly named Officer Friendly, waved! That was my green light! And we did get some more beautiful shots of Darla on the bike, and then some. I feel better now that we went back to get more.

Sunday’s scene “Melanie and Chrissie play a joke on Darla” was awesome! The girls really worked off of each other with finesse and ease. Strong acting. And thank you girls for forging ahead with Scene 4. You raced against time without jeopardizing the storyline or your characters.

Please take care of yourselves – getting vitamins and drinking plenty of orange juice. Jenny Benny will keep our hunger at bay this coming weekend again, but I am so sure she will not leave the task of us getting the food to the set!

I love you guys – this film is ours, reflecting our personalities, workmanship and friendship for one another!

November 1 & 2