This was a difficult weekend for all involved. We had four strong scenes to film – Sc. 4 “The Meaning of Manaferra Dike”, Sc. 5 “Darla Serves Samples”, Sc. 7 “Melanie and Chrissie Flirt with Casey”, and Sc. 9 “ Darla Wins a Date With Casey”. Our luck ran out! New England weather became uncertain forcing us to re-schedule as well as “ping-bonging” between scenes! And feeling like a ping-pong ball was exactly how I felt! I swear – only Indies knows how to improvise! I do want to convey how impressed I was with every cast and crew member. I knew you felt confusion, wondering which scene we were filming, but everyone trusted in me to give his or her best performance. Kudos! And yes, at the end of the shoot, I looked to each other and apologized. I realized I was a little tough. The “love hugs” were great! I felt forgiven. Thank you.

And Robo Cop appeared! Poor Donna was feeling ill and needed to rest her eyes, and subsequently fell asleep in her car. I noticed Robo Cop pulling up to the parking lot across from where she rested in her car. I could tell he was hesitant to approach. He probably thought she was a prop – a “dead prop”!

I am so sure Jenny Benny is proud of us that we didn’t forget the food! Devin was sure to pack it up first thing!

The dailies, once again, were terrific. We’re full speed ahead now. Time to wrap this baby up!

Friday I will call regarding this weekend. But keep the 22nd and 23rd open for contingencies.

Nov 8 & 9