Wow! What a productive weekend despite the rains! Saturday shoot was postponed due to weather; however, we utilized our time. Saturday was spent going over all the footage. It was sweet to have the leisure to select shots. Chuck and I definitely anticipate getting into the editing room.

Sunday we were ready at the break of dawn. I loved listening to Devin as he plays the guitar in the morning, as he had done so from the start. It is so nice and relaxing as I drink coffee, look over the day’s shot list and wait for crew and actors to arrive.

We had a lot to cover in one day, and we met our goal. We are on time! Not only did we finish certain scenes, we also finished what I call the danglies – all the little odds and ends. Next week, we wrap up with the Mash Potato Dance and Will Dorr’s Open Mic Night. And that’s it! Next week will be a “breeze” compared to the last two. Once again, everyone worked in unison. And though we moved fast, we did not jeopardize the storyline or the characters.

The filming of the dream sequence at the gazebo was hilarious. I had it in my head that I wanted the character of Casey to jump over the rail. But seeing the gazebo had no railing, I had to come up with another idea. And when I mentioned that he could swing down, the practicality of the crew came forth, informing me that it might collapse. Well, after us having a visit from Robo Cop the other weekend and being across from the police station, I assented.

All the scenes from this weekend were hilarious. Alexandra is the top when it comes to adlibbing! And Rachel expressions were priceless. Sophia picked up a “bad fun habit” from Brandon – coming up with lines that had no meaning to the scene when we weren’t using sound just to throw off the other actor. By the end of the shoot, Sophia was a pro!

Our Extras has been beyond terrific! Elaine, fondly dubbed the Girl on the Pumpkin, never once complained, Stephanie showed on set every time, though we didn’t film her until now, and little Samantha and Pickles didn’t have a care in the world. They just enjoyed watching us film! And to all the Extras – thank you!

Saturday, November 22nd, we are meeting at Cugino’s at 11:30AM. We will caravan to the park for the Mash Potato Dance. Then back to Cugino’s for 4:00PM to film Will Dorr’s scene. In my appreciation to all, I have set down a Wrap-Up Party that night. And Devin promised to bring his guitar.

All my love – Sharlene

November 16