We did it!!!!

Everyone was wonderful in dealing with the cold, but I had liked to think with all the dancing, we felt like it was a true warm fall day! Nah. I absolutely loved how the dance came out and how the ducks were so cooperative! When one of the ducks flew above Alexandra’s head and squawked, no one missed a beat. I surely look forward to the end credits as well as the outtakes. And yes, Chuck, our end credits, bloopers and outtakes will probably be as long as the movie!

I enjoyed very much the wait we had at Cugino’s before we started setting up for Will Dorr’s Open Mic Night scene. It didn’t take long for Rachel and Alexandra to look to Devin for cocktails and the camaraderie while we watched some of the raw footage will always be a memory to keep.

I was so geared up – over energized – that I truly didn’t realize how cold the night was until the end when Jenny lifted up Chuck’s frozen drink! Ryan did a wonderful job as Will Dorr and it was a wrap.

Cugino’s, I don’t think, will ever be the same. We sure brought the house down, hm? The music was great. So much fun was had, and I didn’t want it to end. Saying goodbye was difficult. We were all in it from the beginning.

Thank you for giving me your best, your friendship, and for giving me the best time of my life! As we approach a screening date, I will get in touch. With warm and sincere regards, I remain

Truly yours,


November 22